ROKAcet R36PF ( PEG 35 Castor Oil, EP, USP )

ROKAcet R36PF (CAS# 61791-12-6)is a non-ionic Solubilizer & emulsifiers made by reacting Castor oil & Ethylene Oxide in molar ration of 1:35. The mail component of ROKAcet R36PF is Glycerol Polyethylene Glycol ricinoleate ROKAcet R36PF and is manufactured by PCC Exol S.A, Poland in EU-GMP facility with complete regulatory documents support. It is used for the production of semi-solid and liquid formulations containing water-insoluble actives and other hydrophobic compounds. As a purified solubilizer in paclitaxel formulations it can be used with fat –soluble vitamins and essential oils. Silaris is authorised distributor of PCC Exol in Indian market & will look forward for your inquires.

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Sodium Hyaluronate, EP ( Pharma & Topical Application)

Sodium hyaluronate is the Sodium salt of hyaluronic acid, aglycosaminoglycan found in various connective tissues of humans. It is manufactured by Bloomage Freda Biopharma in cGMP, USDFA approved manufacturing facility with US-DMF for Topical applications and is used for cream, emulsion, essence, lotion, gel formulations. In India this product is offered by Silaris to few selected customers at best competitive price.

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POLIkol – Polyethylene Glycol

POLIkol belong to Polyethylene Glycol group. This brand is owned by PCC Exol S.A. Poland. These polymers of ethylene oxide are often referred to as PEG (Polyethylene Glycol) 200, 300, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1500, 3350, 4500, 6000, 8000 Molecular weight. PEG is used as an anti-electrostatic agent, humectant, Lubricant and fluid, softening agent, solubilizer and wetting agent. Silaris is authorised distributor of PCC & can offer small as well as commercial quantities at economical price on door delivery basis. Will look forward for your inquiries.

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Ethanol 99.7% & 96%, USP, EP, JP

For pharmaceutical alcohol, Silaris is your sustainable partner.We import European quality manufactured in EU-GMP facility with complete regulatory documents. In India we offer to our customers in 500ml.Will look forward for your valuable inquires.

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Sulfobutyl Ether Beta Cyclodextrin, USP (US-DMF)

This cyclodextrinis the main component of several commercial formulations worldwideacting as a solubility and stabilityenhancer. Silaris offer with best competitive price and commercial quantity.

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Microcrystalline Cellulose, USP, EP, JP

MCC is a term for refined wood pulp and is used as a texturizer, an anti-caking agent, a fat substitute, an emulsifier, an extender, and a bulking agent in food & in pharma formulations. Silaris offering MCC manufactured in GMP facility with DMF support for Regulated market needs at economical price. Please do contact us for your current inquiries.

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100% Tartaric Acid Pellets, USP, EP (US-DMF # 032545)

In extended release formulations of weakly basic drugs, tartaric acid pellets are highly spherical starter pellets it consists of 100% tartaric acid and acts as pH modifier (Lowering agent).These drugs typically show bad solubility in higher pH environment such as in the lower intestinal tract which can be enhanced by use of TAP as a starter core.

Tartaric Acid pellets are manufactured by IPS Srl Italy in IPEC compliance facility in Milan. UD DMF has been filled for this product & it can be supplied with complete regulatory documents support. Following mesh size are available -

Size # 18 – 850 - 1180 Microns

Size # 20 - 710 – 1000 Microns

Size # 25 - 600 – 850 Microns

Size # 30 - 500 – 710 Microns

Size # 35 - 425 - 600 Microns

Size # 40 - 355 to 500 Microns

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