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Solid Oral Products

Dissolution testing is an important physiochemical test for the development of solid oral dosage.
1Acesulfame K, USP, EP
2Ascorbic Acid, USP,EP
3Aluminum Sulfate, USP
4Aspartame IP
5Benzyl Benzoate USP
6Benzalkonium Chloride USP
7Butyl Paraben, USP, EP
8Benzyl Alcohol, USP, EP
9Castor Oil, USP
10Citric Acid Anhydrous, USP, EP, JP
11Citric Acid Monohydrate, USP, EP, JP
12Corn Oil, NF
13Calcium Sulphate Powder USP NF (DC Grade)
14Calcium Sulphate Granulated USP NF (DC Grade)
15Calcium Silicate USP
16Calcium Acetate, USP
17Cholesterol, USP
18Dence Tricalsium Acetate, USP
19D-Galactose, USP
20D-Glucuronic Acid, USP
21Ethyl Alcohol, USP EP (Ethanol) 99.9 {51b17ef71dc37d9a011ab63c33a18c74a5451285ef5cc6b85b7899895c864e9a}
22Ethyl Alcohol, USP EP (Ethanol) 96{51b17ef71dc37d9a011ab63c33a18c74a5451285ef5cc6b85b7899895c864e9a}
23Ethyl Paraben, USP, EP
24Guar Gum, USP, EP
25Glycerin 99.7%, (Veg) USP, EP, BP, JP, IP, CP
26Glycerin 85% (Veg) USP, EP
27Glycerol Formal EP (Stabilize/Non-Stabilize)
28Gum Arabic, USP, EP Powder (Acasia)
29HPMC -K 1000 M, USP
31HPLC -E15, USP
32HPMC -E15, USP
33L-HPC- LH 11, USP
34L-Arabinose, USP
35L-Rhamnose Monohydrate, USP
36Lanolin Oil, USP/EP
37Lactic acid, USP, FCC
38MCT Oil, USP, EP
39Magnesium Carbonate, (Heavy & Light) USP, EP
40Micronized Tricalsium Citrate, USP
41Neotame, USP
42Oleic Acid, USP
43Olive Oil, USP,NF
44Povidone K90, USP
45Povidone K17, USP
46Povidone K25, USP
47Povidone K30, USP
48Peanut Oil, USP,NF
49Potassium Chloride USP
50Polyethylene Glycol 400, USP, EP
51Polyethylene Glycol 600, USP, EP
52Polyethylene Glycol 1000, USP, EP
53Polyethylene Glycol 3350, USP, EP
54Polyethylene Glycol 4000, USP, EP
55Polyethylene Glycol 6000, USP, EP
56Polyethylene Glycol 8000, USP, EP
57Pharmaceutical Glaze # 5, USP
58Sodium Bicarbonate Course USP, EP, JP, BP
59Sodium Bicarbonate Fine USP, EP, JP, BP
60Sodium Bicarbonate Food grade
61Sodium Carbonate Anhydrous, USP, EP
62Sucralose, USP
63Sucrose, USP
64Sodium Citrate AnhydrousU.S.P./F.C.C. POWDER
65Soyabean Oil, USP, NF
66Safflower Oil, USP,NF
67Sesame Oil, USP,NF
68Spearmint Oil, USP,NF
69Sorbitol 70% Solution, USP
70Sorbitol Powder (100 & 80 Mesh) USP, EP
71Stearic Acid (50/60/70/95) USP, EP
72Trehalose, USP
73Tartaric Acid, USP, EP
74Tartaric acid 100% Pellets ( 40 mesh) USP,EP
75Tartaric acid 100% Pellets ( 35 mesh) USP,EP
76Tartaric acid 100% Pellets ( 30 mesh) USP,EP
77Tartaric acid 100% Pellets ( 25 mesh) USP,EP
78Tartaric acid 100% Pellets ( 20 mesh) USP,EP
79Tartaric acid 100% Pellets ( 18 mesh) USP,EP
80Xanthan Gum, USP

Injectable Products

1Sulfo Butyl Ether Beta Cyclodextrin, USP (Low Endotoxin)
2Hydroxy Propyl Beta Cyclodextrin, USP (Low Endotoxin)
3Chlorobutanol Anhydrous, USP, EP (Low Endotoxin)
4Chlorobutanol Hemihydrate, USP, EP (Low Endotoxin)
5PLA/PLGA (with US-DMF) (Injectable Grade)
6PDLLA (Poly DL Lactic acid (with US-DMF) (Injectable Grade)
7Human Serum albumin 20% 200 g/l Ph. Eur., (Excipients grade)
8PEG 400, USP, EP (Injectable Grade)
9PEG 1000, USP, EP (Injectable Grade)
10PEG 3350, USP, EP (Injectable Grade)
11PEG 4000, USP, EP (Injectable Grade)
12Polysorbate 20, USP, EP (Injectable Grade)
13Polysorbate 80, USP, EP (Injectable Grade)
14Metacresol Ph. Eur. / USP parenteral grade
15Glycerol 85% Ph. Eur./JP LA/API/ parenteral grade
16Glycerol Ph. Eur./USP/JP 99.7% (synth.) LA parenteral grade
17Propylene Glycol Ph. Eur./USP/JP parenteral grade
18Acetic Acid Glacial (99.9%) Ph. Eur./USP/JP parenteral grade
19Citric Acid Anhydrous, USP, EP, BP, JP (Low Endotoxin)
20Citric Acid Monohydrates, USP, EP, BP, JP (Low Endotoxin)
21Castor Oil, USP (Low Endotoxin)
22Ethyl Alcohol, USP EP (Ethanol) 99.9 (Low Endotoxin)
23Ethyl Alcohol, USP EP (Ethanol) 96% (Low Endotoxin)
24Guar Gum, USP, EP (Low Endotoxin)
25Magnesium Acetate 4 – Hydrate, USP (Low Endotoxin)
26Myristyl-Gamma-Picolinium Chloride (MGPC)
27N-Acetyl-DL-Tryptophan USP (Low Endotoxin)
28Polyethelyne Glycol, 300, USP ( Low Endotoxin)
29Potassium Chloride, USP, EP (Low Endotoxin)
30Sodium Chloride, USP, EP, JP (Low Endotoxin)
31Sucrose ( Beet Derived), USP ( Low Endotoxin)
32Sodium Hyaluronate, EP (Low Endotoxin)
33Sodium Phosphate Dibasic Anhydrous, USP (Low Endotoxin)
34Sodium Phosphate Dibasic Heptahydrate, USP ( Low Endotoxin)
35Tri Sodium Citrate Anydrous, USP, EP, BP, JP ( Low Endotoxin)
36Vitamin E TPGS, USP

Topical Products

12-Phenoxyethanol, USP, EP
2Aluminum Sulfate, USP
3Calcium Sulphate, FCC
4Calcium Silicate, USP
5Cholesterol, NF
6Glycerin 99.7%, (Veg) USP, EP, BP, JP, IP, CP
7Lanilon Oil, EP (PF Grade)
8Lanolin alcohol, USP, EP
9Lanolin Anhydrous, USP, EP
10Olive Oil, USP,NF
11Peanut Oil, USP,NF
12Sesame Oil, USP
13Spearmint Oil, USP
14Soyabean Oil, USP,NF
15Safflower Oil, USP,NF
16Sesame Oil, USP,NF
17Spearmint Oil, USP,NF
18Sodium Hyaluronate (Cosmetic Grade)
19MCT Oil, USP, EP
20Oleic Acid USP
21Caproic/Caprylic Acid (Hexanoic/Octanoic Acid) Not intended for Food Use
22Caproic Acid (Hexanoic Acid) Not intended for Food Use
23Caprylic/Capric Acid (Octanoic/Decanoic Acid)
24Caprylic/Capric Acid Octanoic/Decanoic Acid)
25Caprylic Acid (Octanoic Acid)
26Capric Acid (Decanoic Acid)
27Lauric/ Myristic Fatty acid (Dodecanoic and Tetradecanoic Acid)
28Lauryl/Myristyl Alcohol (Dodecanol/Tetradecanol)
29Lauryl/Myristyl Alcohol (Dodecanol/Tetradecanol)
30Lauryl/Myristyl Alcohol (Dodecanol/Tetradecanol)
31Cetostearyl Alcohol (Hexadecanol/Octadecanol)
32Cetyl Alcohol, NF (Hexadecanol)
33Cetyl Alcohol, (Hexadecanol)
34Cetostearyl Alcohol (Hexadecanol/Octadecanol)
35Stearyl Alcohol, NF (Octadecanol)
36Methyl Caproate (Methyl Hexanoate)
37Methyl Caprylate/Caprate (Methyl Octanoate/Decanoate)
38Methyl Caprylate (Methyl Octanoate)
39Methyl Laurate/Myristate (Methyl Dodecanoate/Tetradecanoate)
40Methyl Laurate (Methyl Dodecanoate)
41Methyl Palmitate/Oleate (Methyl Hexadecanoate/Octadecenoate)
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