Astaxanthin: micro-algae

The microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis is the source of the natural carotenoid astaxanthin.Astaxanthin, known as the “diamond” of radical scavengers, is the strongest naturally occurring antioxidant.The impact of astaxanthin has been concentrated on in various applications.The treatment of inflammatory diseases, elevated blood sugar levels, and high blood pressure, the regeneration of skeletal muscles following training, and the prevention of UV damage to the skin have all demonstrated positive effects.


a closed algae cultivation system that, under ideal growth conditions, guarantees the consistent and cost-effective production of high-quality algae materials.

The highest hygienic standards were met with special care.Our customers are guaranteed the best quality and product availability throughout the year thanks to our self-sufficient production!

Natural Astaxanthin

Synthetic Astaxanthin

Strength :

comparable to two chairs put together using the same parts:

Natural astaxanthin has the highest bioavailability and is 100% effective because of its unique isomer structure. Astaxanthin generated synthetically from mineral oil, in contrast, loses functionality and is hence significantly less effective.


A carotenoid, astaxanthin is a completely natural colouring agent. The great effectiveness of natural astaxanthin in comparison to other well-known antioxidants and radical scavengers in the life sciences sector is supported by more than 400 partially clinical trials.

Here are some contrasts*:
Astaxanthin equivalent in 1 mg is

one hundred times as much vitamin E
770 times the COQ10 concentration
6000 times as much vitamin C
6000 times as much vitamin C *Sources: Capeli, et al. (2013); Nishida Y, et al.


The following two-stage cultivation of the green algae Haematococcus pluvialis proved to be optimal during the algae research:

Phase of growth: In order to ensure ideal living conditions, algae receive light, CO2, and nutrients.

Formation of astaxanthin: Algae begin producing astaxanthin in response to a controlled alteration in their living conditions as a means of self-defense.
After that, the astaxanthin is harvested, dried, and processed into oleoresin or powder.

Products :

AstaFit® and AstaCos®

We guarantee the best possible outcome from the use of our natural astaxanthin because we have developed a variety of bespoke products for the food and cosmetics industries.

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